Adventurer's Guild Tuesday Night Game

Into the Sewers
First Adventure

The adventurers, a small stalwart group of traveling companions, finally trudged their weary feet into a small town on the edge of the Shinear River.

This tiny town, called River’s Crossing, an enormous dwarf-made stone bridge stands as a testament to dwarven craftsmanship. Around it, tiny homes and wooden and stone buildings stand, built by humans that have settled in this area to take advantage of the trade route between Aden and Salem.

This town, technically founded by a member of the Wizard’s Guild has a regent from Flamekeep, who does little more than collect yearly taxes from the Merchant’s Guild. The Merchant’s Guild is the real power in town, with all shopkeepers working for the Guild, all mercenaries in its employ, and all the town based around serving the needs of the Guild. A human man named Claudius runs the town like clockwork, dealing with shopkeeper and mercenary alike, sending them out on jobs or whims of the merchant’s guild. While River’s Crossing is important because it is centrally located between Salem and Flamekeep, it is also downriver from the last dwarven city to be open to trade- Riverfall. Halfling riverboats travel the dangerous path upstream to buy what few dwarven goods trickle out of the mountains these days.

Into this town walked the adventurers, as different as could be. Roscoe the halfling, quick of wit and quicker with his tiny sharp blade, loved finery and fine foods. Herugrim, the loyal mercenary, carried his armor with pride. Kitara, the half elf, was a joy to the party, even calming those nearby with her presence. Ezekial Rage, the human priest of Avandra, wields his morning star or holy symbol with a equal grim ferocity. Akmerion, the tiefling warlock, is the social outcast of the group, shunned by townsfolk he’s willing to save, although admittedly his power comes from a dark source. [[Alan’s Character]] is a young dragonborn with freshly sharpened weapons and a steely reserve in his eye that speaks of eagerness for battle.

Wandering about town, the adventurers found the tavern “The Burning Leopard” and settled in for a drink or two. Ezekiel, the priest, wandered about town looking for a church of Avandra, and was disappointed to find only a small shrine to Pelor- little more than a three-walled hutch with room for a straw pallet on the floor.

The adventurers wandered around town for a bit, finally deciding to track down whoever was in charge of the Merchant’s Guild and find work. They quickly were led to Claudius, the director of the Guild here in River’s Crossing.

Claudius had a problem. He’s been having reports of kobold sightings from the local townsfolk, but his mercenaries are contracted to keep the peace, not investigate sewers. The adventurers walked in at a perfect time- Claudius hired them on the spot to traipse into the sewers, seeking out any kobolds and destroying them. This would make the townsfolk happy, which would make his job easier.

Before he could even open his mouth to offer the job, the adventurers were crowding into his office, talking over each other, the tiefling and dragonborn threatening him, the halfling composing great and obvious lies about their extensive past experience slaying kobolds. This quickly put his back up, and rather than paying the group to enter the sewers, he cut the fee in half and only offered them half of that up front. The adventurers attempted to bargain, but these tactics only made the situation worse. They finally accepted the minimal fee, and entered the sewers through the Merchant’s Guild Warehouse. A short fight later, the kobolds had been dispatched and the few survivors routed and forced into a tiny hiding hole. While the adventurers gathered supplies to smoke out the kobolds, the absent-minded Wizard went over to a rickety scaffolding that the others had avoided and pulled a few pieces loose for ‘firewood.’

The scaffolding came down, raining loose dirt and rock on the adventurers, who fled the scene. Reporting the kobolds dealt with (either dead or buried, they felt it was safe to take credit), they faced Claudius’ wrath and received their payment.


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