The Kingdom of Aden is named for the noble household of tieflings who seized control of this tiny principality when the empire of the Bael Turath fell.

This area was long ruled by a few houses of tieflings, but power was seized by the Wizard’s Guild when some problem a few hundred years ago cropped up, long forgotten by the men, women, and children who live here now.

Now magical prowness, not lineage, determines power in Aden. Above all else, magical skill is prized by the people of Aden, while warlocks and their pacts are scorned (along with tieflings), although few remember the historical fall of the Empire, or any specific reason for this social stigma.

Flamkekeep, the noted wizard university, is center of the kingdom, although the Wizard’s Guard does not keep peace more than a day’s ride out of any major city. The land around the kingdom of Aden includes Darkwood, a forest of twisted trees turned black, rumored to be filled with perilous demons and horrors.


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