Herugrim, child of battle, was literally born in the camps of the Free Companies, mercenary units who hired themselves out to those who could afford them. His mother was a camp follower, one of many who tailed the companies and sold goods and services to the soldiers in camp. His father, an unnamed mercenary Herugrim never knew, probably never realized he even had a son in the world. His mother named him as such, Herugrim in the language of the old ones translates loosely as “sad hero”.

Herugrim grew up in the soldiers camps, running and playing among the rough soldiers and learning the ways of battle. At the ripe age of 11, he left his mother and took service with the first Free Company he found, Captain Holden’s Iron Shield’s, a company of heavy infantry.

The Free Companies had plenty of opportunity for work. The Merchants Guild of River’s Crossing held the long-term contract with a couple of mercenary companies. The Tiefling families of Aden, Farth, Merlithos, Quarion and Zeerdan were known to hire a Free Company or two for their own reasons. Even Salem was known to bring a company into temporary service. Bandits, raiders, orcs, gnolls and even worse harried the Kingdoms surrounding Rivers Crossing.

Herugrim began service as a water-boy, and moved up to company runner and then to the position of battle servant to Captain Holden himself. He saved every coin he received, scrounged and connived, to purchase his armor and weapon. The mercenaries of the Iron Shield taught him the way of the Blade Ladder:

Long Blade: used in open formation, with room between sword-brothers to swing the blades for maximum effect. Short Blade: used in closed formation, shoulder to shoulder, shield to shield. When facing an overwhelming force, the company closed and became a block of pure steel. Dagger: used in tight situations, with no room to use the other blades.

Herugrim also learned to throw the javelin, a trademark of the Iron Shield’s used to soften the enemy before the shock of melee, and could pierce an enemy at 100ft.

Herugrim was a full member of the company at seventeen and at the age of twenty was ready to become a Shield Leader and command his own section. The night before his promotion, Captain Holden addressed the company and for mysterious reasons, disbanded the Iron Shields. A Free Company disbanding was not an uncommon occurance, but the Iron Shields had some prestige and paying clients, the disbanding caught the soldiers offguard. Most of the men went to other companies, some left the soldier’s life for good, but Herugrim was in shock.

Herugrim was despondent. His entire life was with the company and now it was gone. He did not have the heart to join a new company, but he knew of no other life. It was at this time he met a group of individuals, all with unique abilities and powers, who sought wealth and glory through adventure. He was brought on because of his own skills and this small band became Herugrim’s new company.

Herugrim’s new company was the strangest he had ever seen; there is Dumar of the White Tongue, a Dragonborn and noble Knight of Pelor. He fights as hard as Herugrim and could call upon the grace of his god. Kiara a half-elf She, who wields eldiritch power through an eerie alliance with the wild fey. The thought of Roscoe made him smile. The halfling possessed a strange innocence, which belies the swift meanest of his small blades. Ezekial Rage, a martial priest of the goddess Avandra, the champion of freedom, is fervent in his defense of liberty and his morning star is ready to answer all arguments. Akmerion is a Tiefling who manipulates powers similar to Kiara’s, but from a more sinister source.

These are Herugrim’s friends and by his sword and shield, no enemy will survive to get close to harming them.


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