Kiara Tevarus is a Half Elf Warlock. Her father Boris Tevarus was a small time trader in the Merchants Guild of River Crossing. He hired out some scouts to protect his caravan from bandits along the trade routes. One of those scouts was an excellent elf archer by the name of Elyia. Boris and Elyia continued on traveling the trade routes from Salem to Aden. A relationship sparked between Elyia and Boris, and they settled in a village outside of Salem. They began a family with their daughter Kiara.

Kiara had the respect and hard working nack of her father, but the wonder of the wild and adventure of her mother. She grew up as any child would playing with friends in the fields outside of Salem. One day, while playing hide and go seek with her friends in the field, one of her friends screamed and deathly shriek. When she found her, she was lying on the floor stabbed by a goblin. The goblin standing over the lifeless body of Kiara’s friend, smiled and showed her his bloody dagger. Kiara yelled “NNNNNOOOOO”, as blast of energy rushed at the goblin emitted from Kiara. As she notice what she had done, she closed her eyes as tight as she could. When she opened her eyes, she was in her room, and heard her mother calling for her. Kiara told her mother her story. For fear of the stigma of those who wield the eldritch powers, Elyia and Kiara kept it a secret, even from her father.

Elyia and Kiara practiced from time to time and honed her skills. One day Kiara packed her bags. Her father looked at her and said “You are leaving, arn’t you? I knew this day would come. You have your mothers spirit, in need of adventure.” As she walked out the door, her father stopped her, and gave her a wand. It was etched with his family symbol. His eyes glowed black as he said “you’ll need this”.

Kiara continues her adventure of life with her friends. She will not let them down, as she will never forget that one day. She relies on the power of the Fey, using the force around her to vanquish those who endanger her friends, as she also uses the power of the fey to move among the tides of magic. She has a fondness for Rosco, and treats him like a little brother. She as admiration for Thorgrim as he is a strong protector and warrior of the battle field. Ezekiel Rage is a curious fellow using his faith in an interesting vengful fashion. Akmerion is one that challenges her, as he too is one with the eldritch powers, but he uses it in a firey wanton display.


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