Salem, both the kingdom and city, are named for a brave warrior-priest king who defended these lush farmlands from the orkish hordes who came out of the northern mountains. The largest city in Salem is also named Salem, built by the people of the warrior-priest who saved them, and named in his honor. Temple Square, in the center of town, holds the four largest temples at the compass points, all centered around the Tomb of Salem.

The stories go that after the war with the orcish hordes, Salem himself led the common folk to beat their swords into plowshares, and gave adventurers and eager crusaders tasks to make the land safer. He left the duty of protecting the people to his lieutenants, and governed the small township that he had lived in for so long. People flocked to him, building a city filled with churches. It is unclear what god Salem worshiped, as different faiths (most notably Pelor and Bahamet) claim him as the greatest example of diligence to their religion.

The town grew into a city, and the churches grew into temples. Eventually Salem was crowned king, although he cautioned that an unrighteous king would destroy all that had been built up. When Salem died, he was buried in a white marble tomb of the finest dwarven craftsmanship. His armor, crown, and sword were buried with him. The churches around this tomb grew into the most glorious of temples, and the city and kingdom of Salem continued to prosper.

After Salem died, there were many who sought to take his place- none lived up to his standard of Righteousness, and the People rejected them all, choosing instead to live under a governing council of the church leaders of the area. All political decisions are reached through diplomacy and compromise.

Salem is the center of religion for this entire region. If there’s a good deity worthy of the name, there is a temple in Salem to worship them; but shrines and open worship of evil deities is very much frowned upon. At times, this plethora of divine magic makes most of the normal citizens of Salem fairly apathetic about religion in general, although there is a core of zealotry to every worship.

Among the lands of Salem, it is not uncommon for demagogues and zealots to begin or call for the continuation of crusades against evil, whatever form it might take.

The Knights of Sedonia, paladins of Pelor, have a headquarters in both Salem and Flamekeep, although the one is Salem is much larger and more prestigious.

The Knights of Serra, a group of paladins of Bahamet in Salem, organize crusades of common folk, soldiers, mercenaries, and adventurers against evil. This group is outlawed in Flamekeep as ‘agitators.’


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