Tomb of Salem

The Tomb of Salem is the center of the town of Salem (and indeed, the entire kingdom). The Warrior-Priest, who defended his small village from attack, and then organized a crusade of every religious man and woman able to fight to drive the orcish hordes back into the northern mountains, became a legendary hero.

The stories of his triumphs and trials were embellished with every telling, so it’s not completely clear at this point where the stories end and the real man begins.

Few things are clear- after the defeat of the orcish war-king and his armies, Salem sought to retire, only to be put into the spotlight again when factions within the crusade he created sought to tear it apart. Nothing could be agreed upon, and it looked as though bloodshed was imminent, but when Salem returned to lead the crusade, all cheered him.

He led the normal folk to beat their swords into plowshares, and gave adventurers and eager crusaders tasks to make the land safer. He left the duty of protecting the people to his lieutenants, and governed the small township that he had lived in for so long. People flocked to him, building a city filled with churches. It is unclear what god Salem worshiped, as different faiths (most notably Pelor and Bahamet) claim him as the greatest example of diligence to their religion.

The town grew into a city, and the churches grew into temples. Eventually Salem was crowned king, although he cautioned that an unrighteous king would destroy all that had been built up. When Salem died, he was buried in a white marble tomb of the finest dwarven craftsmanship. His armor, crown, and sword were buried with him. The churches around this tomb grew into the most glorious of temples, and Salem continued to Prosper.

Tomb of Salem

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